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Blog / Why Skilleo Video? Part One

Posted on 01/14/2016 by sgrogan

With your upward career or your great idea, you have probably heard of the ‘Elevator Pitch’, that is, between the ground floor and say, the tenth floor, you need to convince your listener of the brilliance and worth of your goal objective. The written resume or your curriculum vitae (CV) is now being replaced by the verbal and visual hand-out, the expressive video presentation.

Some facts: “The number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% over the previous year”. Each generation craves more video than the last, 43% of baby boomers to 72% of millennials (Gen Y) and 81.9% of today’s teens (14-17).

Eventually, you will have to be face to face with your future boss, your fans, or your money investors. A video performance helps give you professionalism and also shows the personality side of your confidence, if not your performance to gain fans and supporters.

Skilleo videos are focused on your goals; you will not be lost among the millions of ‘cute cat’ postings you find at YouTube.

Skilleo videos will seek out the audience you are trying to reach. Not only through marketing the Skilleo home site, but we may turn around and post your video at YouTube or on other social media platforms. Our own specific goal is to target a new audience to attract interested responders.

A Skilleo Video as a business/career tool can achieve the following:

Boost your Page’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Having a great video will help you gain and keep site traffic and create fans

Target potential Producers/fans/clients

Help create sales of your talent/product/ideas

A Skilleo Video will create a rapport and trust with your audience, make friends and fans

You can share Skilleo Videos easily through social media.

 Skilleo Videos allow feedback.  By fans clicking on your video, there is measurability.

What you must do?  Simple:

            Create a quality video with the sales message of what you are seeking and trying to accomplish.

            Make the video entertaining to hold your audience. Remember this is the era of short attention span and Vine-type snippets.  Unless great music, too long of a video and your essential idea may lose listeners. Remember the 'elevator pitch'.

Finally, a Skilleo Video is mobile. It can be seen on tablets and mobile phones, even watches!

Post your free Skilleo Video Today.   Need help or want advice on creating a quality video, feel free to read more here on the Skilleo Blog or visit our Advisors who specialize in video presentations.

SKILLEO to success!!