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Posted on 01/12/2016 by sgrogan

Skilleo nomenclature (and a few words of wisdom)

I have always noted that when any self-espoused all-knowing guru creates a seminar philosophy of self improvement they must create a new language for the followers to believe they are privy to the most inner secrets of their self-help club, coven, or clique.  In my way of thinking, to achieve inner enlightenment one does not have to seek mystical mumbo jumbo or even have electrode devices that track your mental brain waves.

The philosophy of Skilleo will be succinct and self-evident in our teachings:  Be true to yourself.  Be healthy. Think clearly. Listen. Learn to improve. Be positive. Accept failures as only temporary setbacks.  To succeed you must market yourself.  Healthy ambition is always upward momentum. Help others by passing on this Skilleo philosophy as you succeed.

You are a Skilleo when you apply our philosophy into your daily life.  You are a Skilleo when you apply our philosophy towards your career goals.

Our own Skilleo ‘language’ is likewise easy because it succinctly defines our personalities.

            You are Talent seeking to become a Star.

            You are seeking to gain Fans.

            We have Advisors from our Advisory Council ready to assist your goals.

            We want to help develop your Talent and introduce you to Producers (agents, directors, talent scouts, etc.) who will further advance your career.


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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

--Winston Churchill